10th Workshop on the Physics of Dusty Plasmas
St. Thomas, USVI - June 18 - 21, 2003

Proceedings Guidelines
(required to receive a waiver of publications costs from Guest Editors)

In addition to the general guidelines listed on the previous page, if an author wishes to request a waiver of publication costs by the Guest Editors, then the following additional guidelines must be followed. By following these guidelines, the Guest Editors hope to maximize the number of papers that can be supported by the Workshop organizers.

  1. Authors must strictly format their paper following the IEEE guidelines.
  2. Authors must limit their papers to four typeset pages. The approximate length of a paper can be determined by:
    Typeset pages = [Number of pages of typed, double-spaced text + number of figures + number of tables] / 4
  3. Papers can ONLY include black and white or gray-scale images. Color figures require significant additional page charges and, thus, cannot be covered.
  4. Authors must submit a request to the Guest Editors (A list with e-mail address will be posted shortly) via e-mail asking for a waiver of publication costs. Please include you name, contact information, and titleof your submitted paper. Please also indicate if you attended the workshop and whether or not your are a student. If you are a student, also include an e-mail address for your advisor.

Highest priority will be given to graduate students and post-doctoral researchers. Researchers from developing countries will also be given higher priority for these request. We hope to support 10 - 12 papers using these funds.

Support for this activity is provided by the United States Department of Energy.